Somatic healing   therapy

Get to the heart of healing with SomaSensing. A fascia-informed somatic therapy for body and mind. Guiding you to connect with your inner ability to self-heal.  Through fascia, the largest sensing organ of your nervous system.  Helping you to let go of holding patterns that keep you stuck. Coaxing and softening areas of strain through soothing movement and manual therapy.  Nurturing your nervous system whilst helping you to reconnect with your deep sense of self. 

Heal yourself coaching.

A 12-week somatic coaching programme that integrates SomaSensing movement, mindfulness, and nervous system regulation, where you work with me one on one. Helping you to ease chronic pain, calm stress, and heal long-held trauma. Learn how to reconnect with yourself and heal from the inside out.  

Who is this for?

Anyone feeling stuck, stressed or under strain.  Wanting to accelerate their inner healing journey through the body. Especially if you want to 

  • Start at a time that is convenient for you
  • You prefer individual attention
  • You want a transformation through a mix of information and integration.

 What's included;

  • 12 x 75 min private coaching sessions
  • 8-week online chaos to calm course
  • Unlimited email support


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Get to the heart of healing

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Get to the heart of healing

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