Want to feel supple, strong and pain free?

Replace stretching with pandiculation. The body's natural way to release stuckness, strain and pain from the inside out. Get's to areas a stretch can never get to. Join this self-paced online course. 


Don't stretch,   Unwind

Does your body resist when you try and stretch in a yoga class? 

Do you need straps and blocks because you feel stuck?

It’s because stretching or elongating your muscles goes against your body’s natural design.

There is increasing research about fascia, the connective tissue of the body, how it behaves and how our moves innately to self-regulate. Pandiculation is one of those innate. blueprints. The whole body moves not just one part.  Gets to areas a stretch can never get too and is effortless.

Tap into your body wisdom

What is pandiculation?

Nature's way of revitalising body and mind.

It’s that early morning spontaneous urge the body finds to revitalise. We associate it with a stretch and yawn sensation.  Dogs, cats and new born baby’s find this urge to pandiculate spontaneously.

It feels like a stretch but has nothing to do with elongating muscles, or creating space in a single stiff joint for flexiblity. It’s a whole body, intuitive unwinding, shape-changing motion. Nature’ was of restoring suppleness. There is no strain or discomfort, no risk of injury to your joints, you never go beyond your range and it really feels good!  You’ll never have to fight to find flexibility. What if you are too flexible and struggle with joint laxity?  Pandiculation helps to restore your body’s elasticity.

We lose the spontaneous ability to find pandiculation when the nervous system is out of rhythm. In hypervigilance or in overwhelm as a result of trauma.

Calm chronic pain, revitalise chronic fatigue, calm inflammation

Learn how to tune into your body to unlock the natural way your body moves to revitalise. As well as pandiculation, experience the urge to rock, sway, pulse, coax and bounce.

Replace stretching with pandiculation and body unwinding in your Yoga practice. Integrate it into your fitness practice. Above all, introduce it as a somatic therapy to regulate your nervous system.

  • Restore suppleness 
  • Revitalise and re-energise with practices you can do anywhere
  • Move with ease whatever your age
  • Sleep more soundly
  • Tone your vagus nerve in motion
  • Breath in motion with your whole body 
  • Improve elasticity, resilience and your body’s shock absorbing ability
  • Improve balance and co-ordination effortlessly
  • Enhance your capacity to store energy
  • Boost your immune system
  • Lubricate your joints
  • Calm your nervous system
  • Connect to your whole self


Fascia is your fabric of embodiment

Your sixth sense

Not only is fascia found in the tendons and ligaments of your joints but is intertwined with your muscle tissue intimately connected with your nervous system and interpenetrates every cell and organ in your body.

It stiffens under strain, becomes sore and inflamed under duress, and loses elasticity as we age. Responding to how we experience life from moment to moment. It's your sixth sense.

It is compared to a musical instrument.   Clinical Anatomist and fascia educator John Sharkey describes how Fascia has tuning pegs. All over the body. When out of tune we experience pain and inflammation. We can attune the body’s resonance, tone and pitch, just like a musical instrument. Through intuitive movement.

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