When you heal your fascia you heal your whole self.

Hey there,  I'm Yasmin Lambat.

I'm a lover of somatic movement. The founder of SomaSensing and the creator of Fascia Tuning in motion.

Joining me is Antoinette Kavanagh, a SomaSensing guide and fellow lover of movement. Let us guide you to move the way you were born to. To heal from the inside out.

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Born to move. Born to heal

The way nature intended.

My early somatic explorations led to practising somatic movement inspired by Feldenkrais, Trager and The Franklin Method. Revealing how we are born to move by connecting us to our inner child.

What Stephen Levin’s biotensegrity offered that added to those somatic explorations were a sense of other dimensions.   In a quantum moment, I felt a sense of oneness and healing that did not emerge in other somatic practices.  

SomaSensing™ is how I describe that quantum moment of connecting to wholeness.  Since that moment, I could no longer move my body the way I had been.  It just didn’t feel right. The urge to move intuitively began to emerge. Revealing healing self-nurturing blueprints. Pandiculation, rocking, pulsing, coaxing, bouncing, unwinding motion.

Trauma, stress, anxiety, or cultural conditioning, prevents us from accessing this inner wisdom. Tuning into it is how the body heals itself.

SomaSensing reconnects us to our original self.  Fascia tuning describes how those movements restore resonance to our connective tissue. The organ of wellbeing.

Joining me is Antoinette Kavanagh

Antoinette was a participant in one of my fascia-based movement workshops in South Africa in 2010. That's how we met. Later training with me to become a SomaSensing guide.  She comes from a dance and Pilates background with a similar journey in somatic exploration to mine.   Antoinette experienced that same quantum moment, guided by SomaSensing and could no longer go back to moving the way she had been. Against nature's design. She is a wonderful and caring facilitator who shares the love I have for guiding others to their inner knowing.

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