Feeling stiff, achy or in pain?

Learn how to unwind with pandiculation. The alternative to stretching. An online course that covers the essentials.

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Tone your vagus nerve

Calm aches and pains


Restore suppleness 


Don't stretch! 

Let your body unwind. Does your body resist when you try and stretch in a yoga class? 
It’s because;
  • Your brain is resisting the stretch.
  • Stretching focuses on increasing mobility at a single joint.
  • Based on the body as separate to our emotion
  • Approaches all bodies in the same way. When we are different.
The latest research on fascia is revealing how we are designed to move not taught to move. How stretching can cause injury, how fascia connects body and mind and how pandiculation revitalises our body's fascia.
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Free your fascia

Fascia is the tissue that shapes muscles, nerves, bones, blood, skin, and all your organs.

The largest sensing organ of your body. It comes under strain when you are stressed.  Shaped by how you think feel, move, or don't move.  It’s how trauma gets’ stuck in the body. Resulting in chronic pain and inflammation.

Learn how to reconnect with pandiculation, to free your fascia of stuck patterns habits and trauma. 

Whole body moves

Learned movement patterns that target individual muscles and body parts prevent you from connecting with your original design.  Pandiculation is a whole body motion.  The urge to move happens from within. . "Everything connects to everything”. 

  • It feels effortless
  • There is no risk of incorrect alignment or body position.
  • No need for strengthening or stabilising “the core”.
  • Connects body and mind as a whole.

Whole body heals

Movement changes your body chemistry. The feel good motion of pandiculation, triggers the release of oxytocin and other feel good hormones. to calm the stress response.   Like an inner massage, your body will find movements to soothe and nourish you.  Simple movements that;

✔ Relieve back pain

✔ Restore a healthy function of the pelvic floor

✔ Calm inflammation

✔ Ease fibromyalgia

✔ Restore the integrity of the psoas

✔ Improves breathing

✔ Restore suppleness without strain

✔ Improve elasticity and fascial resilience

 ✔ Get moving in ways you never thought you could


Hey there!

I'm Yasmin Lambat. The founder of SomaSensing. Connecting you to your original self.  Before moving this way, I moved the way I was taught to.  Whether it was fitness, Pilates or Yoga training.  Compartmentalising different practices.

Until I learned how to tap into my body’s original movement blueprints. The  ones that as  children we find intuitively when nurtured. Once felt, I could no longer move in ways I had been taught.

This pandiculation course is based on what I found intuitively. Whilst tuning into fascia as a felt sense.

Pandiculation course


  • 14 easy-to-follow lessons on pandiculation basics
  • 8 hour-long  videos 
  • 8 short audios
  • Learn pandiculation in seated, on the ground and in standing.
  • Access for 6 months


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