Somatic Mentoring 

Are you a Yoga teacher, Physical Therapist,  Pilates instructor, or movement professional looking to explore the healing potential of the body through somatic therapy?  This private coaching and mentoring program is specifically designed for you.  Start at any time and get a foundation level training in SomaSensing body unwinding.

  • Bring your practice up to date with the anatomy of the 21st century
  • Review and discuss case studies and struggles that your clients may be facing.¬†¬†
  • Explore embodied anatomy through somatic inquiery
  • Be guided to your own body wisdom for self-regulation and insight.
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Why choose private mentoring?

  1. Personalized Somatic coaching and Mentoring: Benefit from one-on-one sessions tailored to your unique purpose. Start at a time to suit you and get a head start into your somatic education journey.  Having the tools to integrate and practice from your very first session.
  2. In-Depth Somatic Exploration: Dive deep into somatic principles and practices, unravelling the wisdom of your own body and developing a profound somatic connection. Gain a deeper understanding of the body's innate intelligence and its potential for healing and transformation.
  3. Embodiment and Integration: Embrace somatic principles not only through information but profound integration. The SomaSensing approach is known for the quantum way in which you get to experience profound insights and shifts through the body.
  4. Fascial Anatomy and the nature of our design: Develop a comprehensive understanding of fascial anatomy and its role in movement, embodiment, and somatic experiences.
  5. Nervous System Regulation: Discover the importance of nervous system regulation in somatic practices through the lens of the polyvagal theory and the interplay between fascia and the vagus nerve.
  6. Online and Live Sessions: Engage in a blend of online and live sessions via Zoom  to provide flexibility and optimize your learning experience. Benefit from the convenience of self-paced online materials and resources.
  1. Pathway to Certification: Progress towards certification in SomaSensing Body Unwinding, validating your expertise in guiding others to their inner wisdom.

By the end of your programme, you will be able to guide a somatic exploration in pandiculation and fascial unwinding at a foundation level.

Experience the profound benefits of somatic principles and SomaSensing Body Unwinding.  Begin your journey to becoming a skilled and compassionate somatic movement therapist.

Led by Yasmin Lambat, the founder of SomaSensing and a registered Master Somatic Movement Educator with ISMETA (International Somatic Movement Educators and Therapists Association).   

About the programme;

We meet live every 4 weeks segments. With 2 weeks in between to help integrate your learning. 

What's included;

  • 16 x one-hour sessions. Every 4 weeks
  • Lifetime access to the online course platform
  • Access to Chaos to Calm course for nervous system regulation


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Tune into body wisdom

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